Aveiro tour


Aveiro is situated in Center Region of Portugal, subregion of Baixo Vouga, with a population of 60.000 inhabitants. Is subdivided in 10 parishes. The urban perimeter consists in follow parishes: Gloria, Vera Cruz, Aradas, Cacia, Esgueira, S.Bernardo and S.Joana. Aveiro is situated almost 50 km from Coimbra and 70 km from Porto. Is an important urban center with an university, tourism, harbor and rail. 


Full Day - 7 hours

  • transport
  • we will pick up and drop off you at your Hotel in Ovar or Furadouro
  • know more of Portugal with a official guide
  • visit S. Jacinto - A multitude of dunes out of sight! And a must see for all lovers of fauna and flora
  • visit the "soft eggs" production shop
  • travel by "moliceiro" in Aveiro
  • follow the Roadmap of Art Nouveau
  • admire the gilt of the Convent of Jesus Church
  • taste Portuguese food
  • taste Portuguese wine


Minimum number of visitors - 2 persons