Douro Cruise

The bridges over the Douro River

Luis I Bridge - The construction began in 1881 and the inauguration took place 31 October 1886, and was projected by the responsibility of Teófilo Seyrig, a partner of Gustave Eiffel.

Maria Pia Bridge - designed by Engineer Théophile Seyrig and built in 1876 and 1877 by Eiffel Constructions METALLIQUES company, was the first railroad bridge to unite the two banks of the Douro River.

Bridge St. John - built in 1991 to replace the bridge Maria Pia

Arrábida bridge - had at the time of construction the largest arch in the world reinforced concrete.

Freixo Bridge - the bridge over the river upstream, in Oporto.

Infante Bridge - named in honor of the Porto Infante D. Henrique, it is the latest bridge.


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