Porto tour (half day)


Situated in northwest Portugal, with a population of 237,591 inhabitants and divided into seven parishes. It is the city that gave its name to Portugal when it designated Portus Cale (230 BC).
It is a city known worldwide for its wine, its bridges and contemporary and ancient architecture. Its historic center has been classified as world heritage by UNESCO and without forgetting the quality of its restaurants and for its gastronomy, for its football team, the FC Porto, for its public universities, and even by their hospitals.
Situated on the coast, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, with the structural influence of the Douro River.

Half Day - 4 hours

  • transport
  • pick up and drop off you at your hotel
  • personal accident insurance and liability insurance
  • know more about Portugal with an official guide

 Program / Itinerary

  • pick up
  • Panoramic at Boavista and Foz
  • Walking tour at Porto center
  • S. Bento Station
  • Douro river cruise
  • Walking tour at Riverside
  • drop off

 Minimum number of visitors - 2 persons