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It is located in the district of Aveiro, in the Centre region and Aveiro Region. It is the seat of a municipality with 55,398 inhabitants and is divided into five parishes. The municipality is limited to the northern city of Espinho, northeast of Santa Maria da Feira, east of Oliveira de Azeméis, south of Murtosa and Estarreja and west by the Atlantic Ocean, which borders nearly 15 km from its coast, contributing for a mild climate and nice beaches.


Half Day - 4 hours


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  • Buçaquinho Park - The Buçaquinho park is a very rich area in terms of fauna and flora that allows the realization of educational activities, environmental interpretation and outdoor leisure activities. It consists of a pine forest area and ponds, and includes a cafeteria, playground, garden herbs, tower and observation posts.
  • "Pão de Ló de Ovar" Production - Sweet very cute, made from wheat flour, eggs and sugar, is a regional specialty that is considered one of the specialties of the Ovar city.
  • Cooperage - The Cooperage is an art that was developed on the coastal areas, closely linked to the wine-growing areas, consisting on the manufacture of wooden containers to wine storage. Consists in manufacturing barrels, tanks, tankards and other articles, especially for the collection, processing and transport of wine.
  • Tiles workshop - The facade of tiles, in addition to coating function to protect the walls from moisture and insulate the cold house, has a strong aesthetic function, easily perceived by the chromatic variety, the diverse decorative patterns and the light effects of glass surfaces.
  • Historic Center - Official guide will make you undertstand more about the city.


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Minimum number of visitors - 2 persons

From 34 € per person